Smoke Rise Field Club


Station Four - Ridge Course


We have three sporting clays courses to accommodate shooters of all skill levels. All use state-of-the-art automatic traps.

The new 100-target, 14-station Ridge Course, with it’s spectacular views of the surrounding mountains, will challenge even the most experienced master class shooter. There are target presentations here you will not find on any other sporting clays venue.

Station Six - Ridge Course

The 100-target Valley, 11-station course is also quite challenging with a plethora of quick, darting targets simulating rabbits, teal, grouse, quail and just about everything else with wings or legs.

Last is a 50-target, 3-station sub gage course that can also be shot by less experienced shooters with a 12 or 20 ga.

Carts are available for sporting clays shooters who wish to use them.


Skeet Range


The Club participates in the NSSA and provides tournament quality Skeet and Trap Fields. The Club has two five-stand courses.  A covered five-stand that can be shot in any weather has eight traps including two towers, a wobble trap and a rabbit. Three levels of shooting difficulty are available.  The covered five stand may be shot with all four gages.

Covered 5 Stand

Then there is the “Big Boy” five-stand located on the Skeet field, which will challenge the best shooters. A cover was added to the "Big-Boy" five-stand in early 2014 making it another "all-weather" venue.

All the targets are changed regularly to provide new challenges and opportunities.

Unique shooting contests are often scheduled on the Skeet Field. A Club favorite is Scrap.  Scrap is a last person standing game where everyone starts with 25 shells.  The first station is the #1 station on the skeet field and each person shoot targets out of a wobble trap until they either break the target or miss four targets in a row.  When everyone has shot the first station they move to the second skeet station and so on.  The last person to break a target wins the game.