Smoke Rise Field Club

Sporting Clays

Our Sporting Clays course has been elegantly designed by Marty Fischer, a nationally acclaimed expert in the field. We are a member of the NSCA.

Scenic Grounds

Relax and take in the view from the club house deck.

Fall in the Mountains

Enjoy the great outdoors and Fall season in the North Carolina mountains.

Smoke Rise is a private, full-service gun club featuring trap, skeet, three sporting clays venues and two five-stand venues. A pistol range is also available as well as a place to sight in your hunting rifle on non-shooting days
Memberships are available by sponsorship.   Unsponsored guests are welcome on a limited basis and at premium rates. Call for more information (828) 862-6629.

Smoke Rise Field Club has several social functions throughout the year that provide an opportunity for fellowship and enjoyment of the great North Carolina outdoors.

From The Smoke Rise Field Club House

Club House

Members and guests enjoy a time out at our new club facility featuring a large deck area, fireplace, outdoor grill, tables, and seating.  This facility also houses the sign-in office, kitchen, and club restrooms.

Lunch on the Deck

Lunch is available on regular shooting days between 11:30 am and 1:00 pm from May 1st to October 31st..  Grilled hamburgers, hot dogs, brats and chicken breasts are available. Some members prepare a "picnic basket" and enjoy the Club ambiance and view of the pond and forest for a leisurely lunch. Cocktails may occur after shooting. Snacks, soft drinks, tea, and coffee are always available.

Shells in all gauges are available at modest cost.


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